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  • Organizing competency-based quality training
  • Develop up to date training system and model
  • Build link and match with industry, government, and other agencies
  • Improved integrity, competence
    attitude, skills, and knowledge of graduates
  • Growing independent entrepreneurs
    and creative

Somatuatrainingcenter.com – Somatua Training Center, balai pelatihan yang didirikan oleh Maximus Tipagau, pada hari ini Jumat (27/01/2023), telah memulai kelas pelatihan kerja untuk intake 8. Para siswa Somatua Training Center sudah mulai mengikuti materi di kelas yang terrific dari operator alat berat, mekanik, dan safety. Kelas operator alat berat diikuti oleh total tujuh siswa, sedangkan kelas mekanik diikuti oleh 1 siswa. Sementara itu, kelas safety diikuti oleh dua siswa.


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Alumni Stories

“After I attended K3 training at STC, I learned many things related to safety, starting from JSA, HIRADC, SOP, and others. I am grateful to participate in training at STC because we got a lot of chances to do field practicum that made us understand a safe situation when an incident occurs.”
Miltidessa Corry Jolemal
Somatua Training Center graduates
Before attending the training at STC, I could not do anything in construction job. But after following theory and practice sessions, I can do several kinds of construction work such as cutting and installing ceramics and plastering walls. I got a lot of experience here that motivated me to get a job as soon as possible.
Yanci Msen
Somatua Training Center graduates

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